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The Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong
The Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong
The Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong
The Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong
The Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong
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New Brunswick’s Injury Regulation: Automobile Insurance Profits, Premiums, and Costs .pdf

How You Can Help

If you have been a victim of the Injury Regulation, you realize how easily you could become one, you are bothered by the fact the insurance industry is being allowed to profit unreasonably at the expense of victims and the New Brunswick economy, or you simply have a problem with the basic unfairness of the cap, you can do your part to help us persuade the government to remove it from the books.


New Brunswick's Injury Regulation: Insurance Reform Gone Wrong

In 2003, the government of the day brought in what is known as the “Injury Regulation”. This regulation was meant to place a maximum payout for minor bodily injuries at $2500. This is something the insurance industry lobbied for. They said that claims were increasing out of control and this cap was needed to provide them a reasonable profit.

It was a big mistake that has cost both car accident victims and the New Brunswick economy dearly.

Fact is, the people of the province as well as the government of the day were led by the insurance industry to believe something that the data simply doesn’t support. The figures show, in fact, that during this time that they were telling the government that accident claims were growing out of control, they had actually been decreasing for several years.

Also, the intent of the government was that the cap would apply to minor injuries only. This has proved to be far from the case.  Today, because of the poorly worded definition of "minor personal injury", broken legs, pelvis and so on are considered minor injuries. 

As you will see as you explore this web site, the Injury Regulation has proven to be a windfall for the insurance industry, which since its adoption has been enjoying annual profits of two to four times what is considered reasonable.

In short, the Injury Regulation amounts to a government bail out of the Insurance Industry on the broken backs of New Brunswick auto victims and taxpayers. In the interim, justice is being denied for thousands of New Brunswickers who have been injured in car accidents.

As the Canadian Bar Association, we are working to persuade the government to correct this injustice.  You can play a role.  To see how you can help, click here.

We thank you for visiting our site. Please explore it further and, if you feel so inclined, weigh in with your comments, either directly to us through this site, to the government, or to the media. And if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please get in touch by contacting us.